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Android security is becoming an increasingly important issue among smartphone and tablet users. Yes, Androids – just like any computer – can get infected by viruses and malware.
So what can you do to protect your Android? Fortunately, there are plenty of free Android apps available for you to use. Here are a few of our favorite free Android security apps.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG is Android’s most popular antivirus solution. Although the basic version of AVG is free, there are also premium versions that give users enhanced security and features.
In most cases, AVG Antivirus Free will give users more than enough protection. The free version will scan your phone in real time to identify malware problems before they infect your system. It will also proactively manage your web browsing to identify threats before you click on them.
You expect antivirus software to do these things. But AVG Antivirus Free surprises users in other ways. It monitors battery, storage, and data usage on your Android, for example. And it can even locate your lost phone over the internet using Google Maps.
These are just a few of the features that make AVG Antivirus Free Android’s most popular app. Check it out today at the Google Play store.

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